It’s 37 days since I kissed you goodbye and sent you off to work.  How glad am I that we had that last big hug???

Well today I was all excited as I’m taking the kids off to an old cinema to see Nanny McPhee …. it’s the one I kept telling you about that’s got the old style theatre and the red velvet chairs and the sense of excitement as you walk through the door and the CHEAP tickets. It’s the sister cinema to the one we went to about 2 months ago with the kids where we had to climb up a four story staircase to get into the theatre.

I always wanted to show you this cinema, but we got out of the habit of going to the movies when we lived in FNQ and there wasn’t a decent cinema within coo-ee…. and I guess we just didn’t go to the movies as it was too much trouble and too expensive.

So anyway, the kids are excited and I’m excited and friends are coming too so the kids will have fun (see – I am trying to do more fun things with them now).  Our kids really are the most amazing critters.  K is so beautiful, and lovely and SMART.  H is just a funny little bugger – seriously – I hope you can still hear what he comes out with because that kid is a cracker.

I also learned two new swear words in Afrikaans yesterday so I may add them into tonight’s swearfest of fist shaking and why-me-ing … stay tuned!

Better go – washing to hang out and since YOU weren’t here to make the kid’s breakfast today, I’m a bit behind.  Got to love school holidays!

XXX I love you beyond breath