…and 42 days since I last saw you drive off for work in the Torana.

I miss you now more than ever, and yet everyone else seems to think I should be “getting on with it” by now.  If anything, life is worse.

Life is so bloody unfair sometimes – why is it that the really nice people (like us!) have the crap thrown at us, when others (like Mum’s insane neighbour) seem to scoot through life, annoying the hell out of everyone else, smoking, drinking and they live to be 100???  Not Bloody Fair.

I went to school this morning, despite it being a pupil free day.  it seems I have another month of work there which is good.  I got a phone call when I got home about some more contract work, but right now, I’m sticking close to home.


OK – my memories of you for today include:

The night we met at B&J’s party.

I love it that we could always remember the exact time, place and conversation of our first meeting… you were being compared to a guinea pig at the time and we were standing outside near the back corner of their house….
As the night went on, we stuck with our own sets of friends at first, but as YOU became drunker, the closer to me you got.  I recall sitting on your lap at one stage, you or BL sticking ice down my blouse and then dancing with you and doing some hip-bumping thing and me pointing at your pants and saying “that’s really hard” …. meaning the keys in your pocket were hurting me as we danced.  Of course, I didn’t realise what all you boys were laughing at until  later.  Yep, that was innocent little 22 year me 🙂

When I left the party and you walked me out to my car (was it raining?  I can’t remember).  You kissed me and said “J told me you were a really nice girl … and she was right”.  I remember thinking that you were a really nice guy, but oh so drunk … so I was glad when J called me the next day and the first words she said were “Oh man, I’ve never seen Greg that drunk before!” …. or since ….as it turned out that was the one and only time I have seen you completely drunk in 17 years and 3 weeks of loving you.

I think that was the night that I really knew I’d met my Mr Right 😉  I’d never felt such an instant attraction before that night… Actually, it was more than that really …  it was more an instant kindred spirit recognition.

So that’s the story of the night we met: February 6, 1993.

I fell in love with you that day and I’ll love you until the end of my days.