…and it’s 43 days since I kissed your lips.

Today was good … if there is such a beast.

The kids and I went to school (and I’m always better when I’m busy).  Except when the little boy in year 3 sneezed an ENORMOUS amount of green snot all over himself and my hand.  That was gross.  …and I admit that I uncharacteristically got quite germ-phobic and took him out to the taps for a clean off (and scrubbed my own hands at the same time – oh for some disinfectant!)

When I finished at lunchtime, I walked back to the car and noticed that my friend Karen was home (you’ve met her – she grew up next door to me and we’ve known each other for ever).  I invited myself in for coffee (only to be told that she’ dput a note on my windscreen inviting me it).  We chatted for over an hour about you, life, God, life, you.

When I picked up the kids and went home, the kids old kindy teachers came for a visit, bringing both cake and pressies.  They  are such special women, and they miss you too.  They were all close to tears as they told me their plans to create a memorial sculpture in the play garden and dedicate it to you.  I said you’d really like that.

The kids had a  great time showing them EVERYTHING we own and all their new tricks.

kids are ready for bed NOW .. and I’m going to follow soonish.  Yes I’ll take some Echinacea, garlic  and vitamin C tablets!  …and slather my neck in Vicks ‘Paper’ Rub.  I draw the line at a garlic and lemon drink though…

night gorgeous.

love you forever



Whoops – forgot the memory of the day….

Your nickname at school was HMV (His Master’s Voice) because you “just can’t stop talking Mum” (apparently what you told your mother when you were a little tacker).

I keep thinking about your theory that each person only gets a certain number of words they get to say in their lifetime.  Babe – you used all your words up far too quickly.

Geez I miss your sense of humour – nobody ‘gets’ me like you do….