…and 45 days since I woke up next to you.

I got sleep last night so today was … OK.  According to the shrink I saw today, sleep is highly underrated.  As is excercise.  And eating well.  More reasons to try to get healthier….

The kids had cross-country at school today.  I went down with the preps to  help out with them, only to have to cajole a 10-year-old around the course.  Having said that, I really enjoyed it.  I reckon I could even learn to love jogging one day.  Not today mind you, but one day.  In my head I feel like running and running and running ala Forrest Gump … but while I rock long walks, jogging has never previously been my thing. Our two wonders ran the course and had fun.  I’m so glad.

Consequently, I only had one literacy group today … and what really stinks is that today’s groups were all the bright, NICE kids who are easy to teach…. I was wishing I could have missed out on the “red groups” where more time is spent on behaviour management of the kids than learning (like the 5 groups I had yesterday).  Having said that, there are some lovely kids with ASD or autism in the red groups and they are beautiful … but there are also the kids who have no moral compass ( the ones where Mum and Dad Just Don’t Care)  who swear at you as easy as asking you a question.  On the up side, the bright kids don’t need me as much as the “red group” kids.

The course on ‘talking to kids’ was good tonight (despite the over-scripted, 1980s style  video from the book’s authors – waaaaaay too much fake modesty, laughter and ridiculous amounts of pearls and smiling).  ….aaaannnd the woman beside me who I had to partner with and who actually started a phrase with “well ,when you get to be a single parent for as long as I have been one, then this is what you’ll have to do”  …ironic given the aim of the evening was not judging kids, dispensing unwanted advice, preaching, pitying etc ….. sigh.  Next week I vote for me not sitting next to her.

I’m off to bed, but I need a memory for today ….

Today I thought about how much you cared for me by putting that sway-bar and poly in my car – it handles like a sports car and I love that you were so smart, you knew exactly how to make life easy for me.

Life is really getting harder without you at the moment.  I just wish I could at least phone you for a chat.

I’ll love you til the end of my days…