47 days.  Only 47 days and already it feels like forever since I’ve seen you.

H had a Major Meltdown this morning.  He was very tired which is partly to blame, but I think its all catching up with him.  After lots of cuddles and some deep breathing excercises, he was OK.  He’s currently having a HUGE nap.  He needs it.

I managed to fill the bin from Endeavour foundation and I still can’t see what I’ve actually done.  I’ve saved some clothes and relatively new shoes for your brother’s stray lost boys like Miller … this is one of your brother’s  major redeeming features … his willingness to take on young blokes who would otherwise end up living on the dole and getting high all day and give them work to do.

Terry tried to sell some of your “stuff” at the garage sale today … but nobody came which is very odd.  I think next time teh add needs to go in the local paper instead.  I did get a phone call about the  maghogany table and chairs, but it was a dealer who didn’t want to pay what it was worth. He told me that “antiques aren’t in at the moment”.  “No problem”, I said… “I’ll just keep it until they are back in fashion again”.
He wasn’t happy about that… but tough luck sunshine.  ….  I wasn’t going to give him a bargain seeing as Murph told me that one of his recent deals was a chest of drawers bought from an old girl for $50 … with about $12000 of old rare coins still in it.  He didn’t give her any of that whopping profit.  Definition of an arsehole if you ask me.

We are off to Mum’s tonight… again.

Memory of the day:

Sleeping on the verandah at the farm.  I really loved it.  You rigged up a mosquito net above the bed and it was the coolest, most comfortable, bug-and-frog-free bed in the house.   And it was surprisingly private (eyebrow wiggle).

I love you, Buddy Roo.  My soul-mate and best friend.  My kindred spirit.  My man who could simultaneously infuriate me and melt my heart with love.


Always and forever.