.. and 48 days since our last hug.

The weekend has typically been rather hard … and yet lightened by caring people.

Your nephew J came over today and he mowed the grass, helped me shift the chook’s cage, hooked up the set-top-box to the second tele, brought presents for me (chocolate) and the kids (more chocolate … and torches so you know H is in hog heaven).  He’s such a nice kid.

I gave him your Commodore shirt and some magazines.  He said his commodore will be retired in another few months – his open license will arrive and he’s getting a V8 ute…. proof the burnout brothers had more influence on him than his land-cruiser-loving father.

No church today for me – I was just too tired.  Next weekend seems to be a go-er though.

Memory of the day….

I was thinking about how much effort you went to for our first “date” … your 30th birthday party campout at the farm.

I came up with B&J in the chatanooga choo choo, J hiccuping for about an hour of the 3 hour journey and we were met at the house by your Mum and Dad, every dog on the place and mosquitos.  We’d just travelled for the last hour on a gravel road in the dark  (I swear that road used to be longer).

You were already well ensconced and I set about pitching my own tent next to B&J.  You had a campfire going, a 44 gallon drum bbq, the dodge set up as a kitchen with water and utensils.  i can’t remember what I ate, but it was something you’d cooked.

…and I loved that you’d set up a toilet area complete with actual *toilet* perched over a hole, a hessian privacy screen with a cow skull attached, and a lightbulb hanging over the whole show with a dangling pull switch.  Your aim was to trick me into trying to turn the light on, I’m sure, but I’d worked out the joke early on.  You managed to get D (who saw me as a rival for your affections at the time) a good one though (she was not impressed that the light didn’t work).

Was it that first night that we shyly circled each other, brushed hands and then attached ourselves to each other for the rest of the evening or was it the following night?  I suspect it was that first night when the kissing and cuddling went on forever with an unabashed PDA.

D slept in your tent that first Friday night though,  and I wasn’t sure what was going on …. but I woke up to you pushing a coffee through my tent flap.  By the Saturday night, you’d changed sleeping arrangements 😉

This was partly because you’d tried to teach me to ride the 550 motorbike that day, and I’d ridden the both of us into a strainer post and broken your collarbone.  Permanently.  There was a trip to Gympie hospy (your Dad had to wash the Falcon first), some planned confusion so that you Mum didn’t know who had crashed (I still feel bad about that), and a sling, but you were as happy as larry….and I was too.

I also remember floating down the creek on inner tubes and generally having the most idyllic campout I can remember … despite the slight accident!

I knew you were meant for me then, and I still know it.

You rock.