50 days.  Only 50 more years (at least) to go until I see you again … based on my  long-lived female relatives.

Another day at work. It was good to be there.  It’s like a family.

The kids saw the psychologist today … Mum had to take them as I just can’t get through to the desk bitch that I can’t take time off when I’ve got a class.  Mum though the psych lady was good.  She got the kids talking … and unfortunately BOTH of them told her that when Mummy gets angry, she threatens to kill them but it’s OK because “she still loves us”.


MOTY award is ALL MINE.

Of course neither of the little beggars pointed out that they KNOW Mummy doesn’t mean it, as they quite often tell me such (when a 5-year-old basically tells you to pull your head in, you know you are losing it).

…and then the desk bitch made Mum pay on the spot instead of letting me pay on Thursday when I go.  I sorted this out with the sane desk-lady last week, but desk bitch was back at work today.

All was OK when we got home – I have even managed to fix this computer’s send problems (I think.   Oh dear did I write that down? It’s sure to stuff up now).

THEN the tap at the back of the house decided that it had played nicely long enough and flatly refused to turn off.  So I tried to turn the water off to the house so I could fix it.  Tell me why BCC make taps that no human female can turn?  Terry fixed it though.

Oh and I just got a response from the government concerning me thinking their education department is completely stuffed.  Why did I think I would find somebody with a brain in a government department?  Seriously, I set myself up to fail sometimes.  Stupid really to think that they’d want an actual scientist to teach science.  Ridiculous.
Thankfully principals on a local level have more than two brain cells to rub together….

So life was OK, and it’s rapidly circling the  s-bend as I write.

Well – memory for the day is how completely easily you fixed everything around the house.  Seriously.  I just pointed to the urgent jobs and you did them.

I love you buddy roo