51 days. You see how this works? It’s my memory for knowing how long I’ve been a widow.

School again today and I had most of the “problem children” in session after session.  BUT, despite me not getting much sleep last night (or maybe because I didn’t get much sleep) I was able to have 5, relatively calm learning-centred literacy sessions without any screaming or pushing (which happened in the Yr 5 group yesterday with a different teacher).  There was less of the “she is looking at me funny” / “nah nah ne nah nah” / “he touched my pencil” etc and more of the quiet talking, respectful LEARNING environment for the kids.  MOST of them even got the idea.


Of course it rained like it did for Noah and I was seriously glad to see a patch of blue sky this afternoon.  I think it’s been raining since Christmas … with the worst day obviously being March 1 when that bloody road was so slippery.  Hmm… “bloody road” … there’s my nightmare for tonight, right there.  I guess you’ve “seen” my dreams of late…. maybe I *should* have insisted on a viewing as at least then I’d know just how far from the truth my nightmares are….

Anyhoo .. shall try to forget that one before bed time….

Memory for tonight.  …

Living in FNQ and how you got a taste of non-working life for a year or so.  I was so worried about the fact that you’d given up your job to move to a job I got, but you made everything OK by telling me time and again how thankful you were for that short break from working life.  Not that you were ever idle.  We had a great time living in FNQ before we had the kids – lots of bushwalking, train spotting (remember the steam train that went up to  Herberton each month?), inventing, socialising and generally having fun.  We were so snug in our little house and we loved having visitors.  Remember the  Hypipamee crater ???  You always said that’s where you’d hide my body when you eventually did me in as it had wheelie-bin access right up to the edge. … Geez – where am I ever going to find anybody else with your sense of humour?????   I think we are the only two people who really “got” each other’s humour.

Ok darl, I’m signing off for today.  I love you beyond life.