53 days, and another Friday.

For the record: Friday Nights Suck.  This should be “get takeaway on the way home and curl up in front of the tele” night.  Not “only day off in the week to squeeze in a zillion completely crap things that apparently NEED to be done since you died, in between taking kids to school with uniforms actually on  and lunches actually packed and all homework done”.

Today’s fun Friday activity was getting my Mirena replaced and claiming some of the eleventy thousand dollars spent on current health complaints BACK from medicare (thankfully I walked straight in and up to a really nice, efficient, caring medicare lady who just sorted it for me).  For the record, the first mirena insertion 5.5 years ago did not hurt, but since I’d just passed a 9lb 12oz boy out of that orifice 8 weeks previously, it’s not that surprising.  BUT when you have to have mirena#1 exerted and mirena #2 inserted after enduring the Ob/Gyn’s patented “frozen speculum torture”, the orifice isn’t quite so lax and getting the poor thing to open up again HURTS LIKE  A BASTARD.  Just so you know.

In other news,  I took the baby chicks back to school today.  If we can’t keep them, then I’m not volunteering to look after them for the next semester until the other teacher can get her act into gear and get the school’s coop made.  Besides, the big chooks were getting sick of the codling the baby chicks were receiving …. I could see it in their beady little eyes.

Also – whingeing to the local councillor about the fact that the mains tap on the footpath cannot be turned off by a human female  resulted in a man arriving at 7 o’clock this morning to fix the problem. He agreed that the tap was far too hard to turn off and he replaced the whole thing with a 1/4 turn tp that I can turn off – YAY! Our local councillor rocks!


Today’s memory comes courtesy of Bev from FNQ:  she rang tonight to see how we were and said she could just picture you leaning against the shed, cup of coffee or one of Al’s  “very small beers” in hand and one leg perched up on your knee like a lanky emu (typical pose).  You and Al worked so well as a team in that shed, inventing things, fixing things and generally having a lark. A&B were like surrogate parents as well as neighbours and friends…. they really loved you like a son I think.

I wish I had a photo of the two of you working in that shed.  There has to be some around the place somewhere… I’m sure the “tandem bike” effort would have rated a photo in those pre-digital-camera days.  Actually I really wish they were still our neighbours – I could really do with a Mr Fixit on call as blokes like you are few and far between.

Rare breed indeed.

Not only that, you picked ME!  How lucky was I?  Somebody as cool as you loved me.

You are awesome.

I love you.