55 days.

ANZAC day today.

Church this morning … and that word “believe” was in my face again.  I get it already! I’m going to put it up in big red letters so I don’t forget.

I think I’ve got the forms together for financial planning guy on Friday.  Can I tell you how much I *love* going over forms and finding information.  I re-jigged the living expenses form too.  It seems like so much to me, but after looking at a couple of sites where they put figured into mock estimates, we really did live on the smell of an oily rag.  Problem is, I know plenty of people who have to make do on less.

C back today – she had been to Melbourne helping out at the hospital care centre for O/S children awaiting reconstructive surgery (where Krishna and Trishna were).  You and she got the bulk of  the selflessness gene in your family.  She said P would come and build the verandah.  Maybe I’ll need to ask him to come after the money is more in order.  I guess those floorboards aren’t going to repair themselves though so it will have to be done sooner rather than later.

Sorry – I’m a bit flat tonight.  Eye leakage is back again.  Possibly also coming down with whatever lurgy the kids have picked up.  You know how I love colds. ….

Anyway, I owe you a memory:

You often told me and the kids the story of when you were a little boy and “Santa” had left some pressies in the sock tied to the end of your bed (I don’t imagine he left an awful lot of pressies at your house when you were a kid…).

Anyway, apparently you woke up in the middle of the night and could make out the word “bombs” on the little balls in the sock.  You were ecstatic to think Santa had left you a couple of bombs and spent the rest of the night dreaming of stuff you were going to blow up.  Seriously, you could have worked on the mythbusters show…

Apparently you were devastated when you woke up to find out that they were some sort of gob-stopper lolly and not explosives.

…and we wondered why H is the way he is!

You were (are) one in a million.  I know how long it took me to find you and we didn’t get anywhere near enought time together.  Life is unfair.

I love you.