56 days….

It was a public holiday today (in lieu of ANZAC day) and Jules came over to help me make sympathy thank you cards – a job I’ve been avoiding … but it was so nice sitting and chatting with her.  K&H were not well but amused themselves all day long.  J’s kids didn’t come so it was very peaceful (you know what I mean – 4 kids = chaos).

I couldn’t find “Believe” in big red letters … but it was written on a sign in a shop in big taupe letters.  Who knows, I may yet paint it red.  It’s a bit freaky how that word keeps following me around.

…and here’s the big thing…..

At ~ 5pm, I was skyping Mum and the actual phone rang.  I let it go to the machine as I am want to do … but when I heard it was a lady from the police, I picked it up.

It was good news (in as much as there is such a beast anymore).  She has almost completed to  the report to the coroner but wanted to tell me that, after reviewing all the evidence, it is her opinion that SPEED WAS NOT A FACTOR.  This is huge given that I’ve had complete fuckknuckles say “Ooooh yes I remember – I saw that accident  on the news … boy they must have been flying low”.

Well now I can say to them:  “*FUCK YOU ARSEHOLE*…  17 witnesses and nobody thought they were driving illegally in any way”.  Channel 7 will be the first on my FUA* list as those bastards were the ones to suggest “speed was possibly a factor”  on the news in the first place.

She also said that she was sure you didn’t suffer. Dear God but you must have been badly hurt for them to know you died instantly.  Apparently J was not so lucky and suffered terribly before succumbing.

She also said I could read the report if I wanted – but to have somebody there with me and looking after me for days afterwards.  She  was quite concerned that I’d see photos (not even of your body) that would distress me.

She was such a caring person…. somebody I’d be friends with if circumstances were different.


Memory for the day….

That first trip to B&J’s holiday house at the dam.  Lots of cold showers for you!  You had a broken collarbone and couldn’t go motorbike riding and so you stayed with me all day.  We went out to the dam wall and played with the water pistol in the car (getting into trouble with a psychotic bloke in a 4wd who thought we were spitting out the car window.

That was the start of many many wonderful weekends with B&J at that fantastic house…..

I loved you then and I love you now


*I will try and defer to abbreviated swearing where I can just to make you feel better.