60 days….

Ironically a not-so-bad Friday in a shitenhausen week that has seen me clinging for dear life to the edge of this gaping maw in front of me most of the time.  Of course I *did* cry twice already today (once in bed this morning and once on the train on the way to town).  But not total suckage that Fridays usually are.

That’s probably because of the good news I got today… my contract at school has been extended until the end of term and into term 3.  AND I get the impression that supply is there waiting for me to say “yep – I feel up to doing that”.

I went into town today to change over the house title – you must have been looking after me because the big scary sign at the titles office warned about incorrect form-filling-out and the non-refundable fee and my heart sank because I never passed form-filling-out 101 at uni…. and then my number was called and the guy behind the counter says ‘I know you’… it turns out that we went to primary school together and his Dad and my Mum taught together.  He fixed up the house titles stuff and then we had a chat about the old days.  He was a really nice guy – very kind and understanding of my situation.  This makes life just so much easier when people are kind!

Then I met Uncle K and we went to see the financial planner … and as it turns out, we should be OK in the long run.  He even suggested that I had no need to panic over money like I had been.  It was a huge relief to see what his model put up for getting through the next few years.  We’ll cope!  Hooray.

Of course then I sat on the train home thinking that I’d give up everything I had just to have you back.

We had dinner with Mum – she had picked up the kids from school and had them making pizzas for dinner.  They basically played happily together for the entire afternoon, so they had a fun day.  They are still playing a role-play game in K’s room (I know they should be asleep, but there’s no early start tomorrow).

Memory of the day….

we looked through some photos that Mum had and there was one of you and K at the beach where we holidayed each year.  She was only about 4 months old and you and she are just playing in the water.  It’s a gorgeous photo.  We never could indoctrinate you into my family’s love of fishing and surfing, but you did love splashing about with the kids and building your trademark ENORMOUS sand castles on the beach.  You would bring a shovel and have a 1m tall monster castle within minutes.  Last year, you built a pyramid castle in the morning and it was still there in the afternoon – you   were so thrilled to discover that a group of teenage boys had tried to replicate it and had protected the your original from potential castle crashers for the rest of the day. Those boys were quite cute with their determination to build a bigger pyramid … but they didn’t quite get the proportions right.  But I bet their folks were happy that they’d been so well occupied for the entire day!

You were magnificent and you were mine.

How I love you!