62 days…

Today has been better than the past few days.

I took the kids to soccer this morning – just general skills for P-2s and the kids both loved it.  There were a couple of families there from our school and H and his best friend N plus another friend from Prep were on a team together and so were K and her friend S (N’s sister) and I – all good friends and classmates.

Both K & H scored goals and given that neither really knew the rules at the start of the day, they didn’t do too badly.  H’s little team consistently won their little matches as they actually organised themselves into roles (striker, defence and goalie) without being directed too at all.  The other team had 4 players to their 3 and still they kept up their little game plan and scored more goals.  I’m quite amazed at how well them worked together without any instruction on how  to do so.

I didn’t get to see as much of K’s game (N&S’s parents were tag teaming between the two games so there was *someone* there with her when I was with H).  She got shirty that I didn’t see her score her goals, but she didn’t notice me when I was there so who knows.  She’s better tonight but has been a very sad little girl for most of the last week.

I’m off to bed soon – I’m tired tonight.  But I owe you a few good memories…

Our holiday to the Blue Mountains in 1995 … it got off to a bad start with my car breaking down in Stanthorpe on Easter Sunday …. and you asking the RACQ bloke if you could borrow his tools and get the parts you needed and start work while we waited for the workshop to re-open on the Tuesday.  You had the timing gear replaced and us back on the road the next morning ( you ran out of light or we’d have been on the road again the same day).  The RACQ bloke was fuming – he thought he’ be getting quite a bit of money from us and didn’t because you were so quiet and clue-y.  He didn’t suspect you could fix the car because of the quiet way you asked him for “advice” ….and then he got a shock when you quietly fixed the car.

You are awesome and I love you