64 days…

Another day really.

Life would be ….. OKish, but for the fact you are gone.

I mean there a lot of positives in life …… I just really miss having you here to share them with.


I took the kids to the Dr again today …. H was beautiful in the waiting room and K had the grumps … but as soon as we got inside the psychologist’s office, they reversed roles.  H did his star turn of poor behaviour and sulking.  We’ve had words as soon as we got home and he was immediately apologetic – to both his sister and me.

He must have taken onboard some information though as he added on his own bit to grace tonight: “Please God, let Daddy know we love him and let us know that Daddy loves us”.  Hope you heard that!

I’m now wondering if he’s looking for the person who sets the firm boundaries like you always did.  I do set them and stick to them but I’ve been trying the  softly-softly approach first.   But H seems to want a Daddy-style “this is what you are doing and you are doing it NOW” confrontation.


I’m really tired tonight so I’m going to bed.  Any dream you may or may wish to appear in would be good!

Love you, Buddy Roo