65 days without you.
It was Mother’s Night at prep tonight. H was gorgeous the whole time. He and the preps sang us songs, and generally “pampered” us (and I use the term “Pampered VERY loosely – I will have to wash my hair before bed due to the cobweb-like hairspray currently coating it).
…and I had a big cry on the drive home (don’t panic – I’m a “functional weeper” – I can cry and do stuff at the same time)….
…. It was a lady who I taught with last year – she is the Mum of one of the Prep teachers … and I never realised that she lost her husband (Miss V’s Dad) when her kids were only young … seeing what a delight Miss V is reinforces that kids really can survive this…
Anyway, I am exhausted and am off to bed soon.

I just really really miss you.

Memory of the day:

I saw a bee in the garden today and instantly I was back in 1993, listening to you say “hello little bee” and rescuing one that had fallen into the water trough at the farm. You loved beekeeping with your Dad when you were a little tacker.