66 days….

I am tired tonight.  Bone tired.  and sad.

H woke me at 1am with a nightmare …and then I found it hard to get back to sleep.  This has always been my problem – I’d fall asleep within minutes, but if I get a couple of hours under my belt and then wake up, that’s it.  No more sleep.  This is why I would get so angry with you when you wanted to have a chat at 2am.

You however,  could sleep for Australia.

I’m still amazed at how easily you could fall asleep – anywhere comfortable and you’d “just shut your eyes” and you’d nap.

I also think I’ve finally got the kids lurgy- I’ve een valiantly fighting it off for weeks but tonight my throat is raw and my bones ache.  I’ve had something on every evening this week and I’m exhausted.  I don’t think I’ll make mother’s day at this rate….

So bed – here I come.

Snuggled up to your old faithful homemade pillow stuffed into a ham bag that you’ve had since the dawn of time.  It smells like you … one of the few things that I have that does as I’d washed all your clothes just before you died.

Sweet dreams my love