67 days.

Another Friday Night.

Both kids have been really sad today. Of course, H also had the Friday teacher who’s …. not really well suited to teaching prep.  I’d worked out she wasn’t the brightest spark that first Friday of school and she hasn’t failed to disappoint.  Nice lady, but …

Anyway H just cried and cried just before bath time …. he just misses you so much. He came and gave me a cuddle and we talked about you for a while*.  He’s OK now.  Hope you got all that love he sent you during grace….

No work for me today, but I was still busy busy busy.  I think you were looking out for me though….

Mum and I went to buy a treadmill that’s on sale at Target but they didn’t have any in stock.  Just as I was organising a friend (and his truck) to come and help me get one tomorrow, another friend said she wanted to sell her treadmill – same model as the one I was going to buy and only a year old.  So happy.  I’m really looking forward to getting in a bit more excercise….

Of course I know you’d say “what’s wrong with walking around the block / backyard” …. but I don’t feel safe walking when I have time to walk around the neighbourhood.  And I don’t want to drag the kids with me.


Tonight, I’m remembering the “shoe game” we played at our wedding… J had us sitting back to back, one of our own shoes and one of each other’s shoes in either hand.  We had to raise the shoe of the person who would do “x” in the married relationship.  I think we both voted for the other person to clean the toilet, but each thought that the other person was the most special person in the world.


Missing you is getting hard.  We are all looking for you to come home now.  We’ve had enough.  It’s really hard getting when I see things we were Just Doing and I know that you won’t be back.  How I wish I could have said goodbye to you, held you one last time…..

* Really have to say that the course I’m doing with D at school of a Thursday evening is Pure Gold in getting kids to talk.  Actually listening to kid’s feelings is so worthwhile.