68 days.

Mum took the kids shopping for a Mother’s Day present today.  They conned donuts out of her.  They have apparently wrapped numerous items purchased from the $2 shop.  ….

Then lunch with Cath, Mark, Lizzie and Maddie.  It was fantastic.  I nearly didn’t go as I was feeling so tired…. but so glad I did.  I really enjoyed the intelligent conversation and the kids all played together for 3 hours without any dramas.  H and Maddie teamed up on K and Lizzie, but it was all in fun. They are all bright little sparks and the games they invented were hilarious!  H was cracking Mark up as he and Maddie kept up the “have you ever seen a 5-year-old do THIS?” game.

So fabulous.


The kids and I have hit a wall.  The numbness has worn off.  The reality has set in.  We will never see your smiling face again. We will never be held in your strong arms nor subjected to kisses via beard torture ever again.

We are sad.


Memory of the day…..

Our first wedding anniversary spent at Port Douglas.  … it was really just a weekend away for us although I may have taken an extra day off work…. one of the perks of living in FNQ.

We swam at Mossman Gorge where the water was ice cold.  You were braver than I and managed to completely submerge yourself.  We also walked around the track…. gorgeous.

I think we also went to the crocodile farm and marvelled at the monsters…. then saw wild ones in the Daintree river.

How I wish we had more anniversaries together…

I love you so much.