69 days….

Thanks for sending your sister C over last night.  Some may say coincidence, but to me, I think you knew how hard today could have been for us, and sent her to stay the night and help the kids make mother’s day that bit more special.  …and considering that C hadn’t remembered it was mother’s day until I told her, I know it wasn’t her plan to visit on mother’s day.

After the kids gave me all their gifts (oh my goodness I was spoilt with lovely pictures they had drawn and a few special things), Cousin S came over (bearing flowers) and came with us to soccer.  The kids had fun with so many people there for them … and then we went to McD’s afterwards (I know – me at McD’s!!) and we were in time for the only item on their menu I actually enjoy – pancakes for morning tea.  Lovely.

Mum and Dad have been here for dinner and we just skyped Uncle P.

So this day that could have been complete shitenhausen actually turned out to be OK.  We still miss you terribly but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be….

Memory of the day….

Mother’s Day last year where H gae me my very own rocks for my very own rock collection…. most of them being “conglomerates”  (concrete).

We laughed and laughed.

His sense of humour is so much like yours.  His whole being is so much like you…. I just found out from J that your nickname as a child was “Grumpy Greg” and that H is just the same – moody.  He likes tinkering the same as you too.  He’s his father’s son through and through!

I love you so much.