71 days…

Today didn’t get off to a good start – both kids were sad and mad and unco-operative.  K was particularly sensitive and it’s really hard to just hold her and let her cry and know that I can’t fix this.

and I want so badly to fix this…..

I’m tired tonight … and I’ve still got three loads of washing to hang out.

Memory of the day….

Sitting with you and  the kids on the verandah and watching storms roll by.  There was a thunder-storm this afternoon – not much of a light show, but the rain was very heavy for a while.  It was quite lovely to sit and watch the rain pelt down.

I remember sitting with you through so many thunderstorms – you taught me not to fear the noise quite so much, and actually enjoy the light show.

I love how you saw nature – always interested in any natural phenomenon.  like rainbows.   Could use a few more of them sent my way….

Love you Buddy Roo