73 days….

There a glimpses in life when I think to myself “life is good” and then I remember why it is so crap. When I’m at school, I get so caught up in making sure the kids are all OK that I forget just how much my own life sucks.

…and then it crashes in on me yet again.

K has been positively painful this week.  She’s either sobbing her eyes out, crying and lashing out EVERY time that I have to remind her to make a good behaviour choice, or in fantasy land thinking of schemes and prayers that might just bring you back.

She’s not herself.

All I got is lots of hugs … and yet I tell her it is my job as her Mum to help her grow up knowing right from wrong and sometimes that means that I’m cross with her….

D’s behaviour management course is on again tonight.  I’m getting a lot out of it, despite not having time to read the homework.  Thankfully I can seem to catch up fast….

Off to Mum’s now.  K is at least happy to be having dinner with Mum and Dad.

So I need you to look out for her and put the people in front of her who she needs.  Just like you’ve been doing for me (mostly – you could leave off the government asshats with their rules and regulations).

Love you