74 days of this half-life.

In the scheme of Friday nights … this one isn’t so bad.  I’ve managed to get the kids fed, bathed, nit-checked and in bed without tears.

K had another bad day today at school.  As in she can do her work but needed lots of cuddles and I wasn’t there today to give them to her.  We’ve been speaking a lot more about how I believe you are close to us all the time.

H however, has been described as angelic, despite having the Friday teacher that I don’t particularly like.  They had PJ day for the Preppies today and every Prep child, teacher aide and teacher wore PJs EXCEPT for H’s teacher.

It will be a busy weekend here – Andrew is coming to measure up the fence, Damien and Alex are delivering the treadmill, Mum and Dad are coming for dinner on Saturday, soccer for the kids Sunday morning followed by a kiddy party and the Jacob is coming over to mow the lawn.   I guess I can’t ask for better family and friends….


We are surrounded by people who love us, and yet I am so lonely.

I miss your jokes.

I miss you winking at me over the heads of the kids when they were being particularly cute.

I miss rolling my eyes at you while you began yet another story about a bulldozer or a Field Marshal tractor.

I miss how excited you could get over finding a rusty old tilley lantern, or a kerosene lamp in someone’s shed.

I miss how you would cuddle me anywhere, anytime and still manage to fit in a quick grope – made a girl feel special.

I miss snuggling up to you on a cold night.

I miss you in our bed.

I really miss just being with you.

I love you.