76 days.

Another Sunday without you here.

Today was another busy day….

I was up and on the treadmill for 33 minutes.  Dunno about any endorphins but I haven’t been so weepy today.

Then I took the kids to soccer with their friends N &S.  Then there was the 5 yo birthday party for the boys so Deb and I took the boys to the party while Jim (Deb’s hubby) took the girls back to play….. K loved playing with S and I think these two girls are fast becoming best friends as they have very similar personalities.

Jacob came over and mowed the lawn.  He also brought a pumpkin and cake he had made – he really is such a sweet boy.

Unfortunately, K&H … well really just K ….  were completely feral so I made them have a sleep and they each slept for 2 hours in the afternoon.  A shame they missed out on spending too much time with Jacob, but they were shattered.

K woke up grumpy again, but came and asked if she could scream … so I told her to go for it and she thought she felt better.  Then she wanted a turn on the treadmill so I let her – I figure any extra excercise might help her feel better.  Poor love is really not happy and I don’t know how to do any more than I already am doing.

She and H are settled now though – quite peacefully watching telly – Doctor Who has just started and I want to watch it too.

Oh how we all loved watching Doctor Who together!   Remember when you made her a Dalek?  She’ll treasure it forever I think.

Oh my boy, you were a fabulous man.  The best husband.  The best Daddy.  There’s nobody quite like you.