79 days….

I got really angry with you tonight.

I was making dinner and you should have been pulling into the driveway.  I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it is 6 pm and I can’t hear your car coming home.

The car I know is in the garage.

I’m not cut out for single life … leave alone single parenthood.


There was one bright spark today – K was in the school newsletter as singer of the week.  It’s only taken her 18 months of trying to get chosen.  I guess that’s what you get when your last name is usually last on the attendance roll….


Memory of the day….

I was thinking about some of the dumb things you did while you were asleep and couldn’t help but laugh about the time you woke me up by “checking for teeth”.  I’m laughing even now….

K was teething at the time and being a first tooth in our first kid, we were religiously checking for its emergence.  …nothing like being woken up at 2am by an enormous finger trying to prise open my jaw!  When I asked you what you were doing, you replied that you were checking for teeth but it took you a good few minutes to work out the absurdity of it all.

…and so the phrase “just checking for teeth” entered our conversations as a way of describing something completely nuts.

I love you … you  nutcase