81 days….

Another Friday night.  I may have mentioned before how much Friday nights suck.  This one isn’t breaking the mold….

Life was a bit better today.  I’m not feeling so angry at the world or at you….

That is not to say this doesn’t completely suck though….

H had a weepy day at school today.  Of course it is also the day when he has the crappy teacher… the one who’s own husband died in a car accident and yet has almost zero understanding of grief-stricken kids.  meh.  It may also have had something to do with the fact that his bestie wasn’t there today … but he was happy enough to play with his other friends.  Just weepy.

I now have some idea as to why K is having such a hard time  … as I was walking to class yesterday, I overheard the Year 2s say to each other “I know that lady, that’s Amanda.  Her husband was killed in a car crash”.
Just 7 year olds being 7 year olds with all the tact that 7 year olds can muster … which is almost zip as they really aren’t at a level of emotional maturity to put themselves in  their classmate’s shoes.
So no wonder K is sad if this is what she overhears her classmates say.  I know she’s said that some of them have told her that she only goes into the “sad space” when she’s trying to get out of work… but that’s not our K … and I know that her Thursday/Friday teacher is looking out for her… not so sure about the other one….

Some good news for me – the school has extended my contract into next term which means I’ll get paid for the June-July holidays.  All thanks to three very special people who run the school and no thanks at all to district office.


I still expect to see you walk in the door each evening.  I can’t bear to take down K’s “Welcome Home Daddy” poster she put up about 6 months ago to welcome you home from work each evening.  I still expect to hear them fight over who will shut the garage door when you get home.

How can it be that you are gone?  I just don’t understand….

I love you

I miss you