82 days….

That cold that has been threatening to come for the last month has me tired again.  More lime toddies and vicks neck rubs.  I’m holding my own … I can’t get sick now.  Not that you were ever particularly sympathetic when I had a cold … I remember making you stay home and look after the kids one day EVER.

I took the kids over to see Bs this afternoon.  The other H had two boys already there that I teach. One of them threw his arms around me as soon as he saw me… and it turns out the other child’s mother is one of the prep teachers and they live in that new big white house just around the corner.  Small world.


Was that you tonight?  With the “Believe” immediately followed by the picture of the rainbow that H drew?  (In the right colour order too I might add – I taught him well.) Remember  ROYGBIV ?


I watched a movie on  tv tonight – “Must Love Dogs”.  The father (Christopher Plummer)  says a line in the movie …..

But it’s different for me, I’ve had the love of my life, and no one else could ever touch that, no one can come close.  So I’m just out there passing the time, tap-dancing.  If you want the truth… maybe if l dance fast enough, l won’t remember what I’ve lost, you see?

So it’s just me here, tap-dancing, wondering how the hell I get through the rest of my life without the love of my life with me….

Love you forever