84 days…

Some days life just sucks and other days it shits all over you.

Mum rang last night to say that Pete has Ross River Fever.
Our lives just keep getting shit upon.

I didn’t sleep well between thinking about Pete, thinking about you,  sneezing, wheezing and trying to lie so my back didn’t hurt.
I woke up feeling Very Average, and did the unthinkable and called in sick – no mean feat when I had  to go to school anyway to take the kids.
In getting to school, I drove over a pothole and scraped the skirt on the car.

Not happy.

On the plus side, I managed to go to the chiropractor who at least fixed my neck and back enough to let me walk properly (did I tell you I ended up with a stiff shoulder at soccer yesterday).    When I came home, I felt up to doing a load of laundry when….. the phone rings to say K is in sick bay and feeling unwell.  …and I’ve heard that there is a vomiting bug doing the rounds of the school.  So I get myself back to school, decide to get both kids because I sure as hell won’t be making a third trip to school today.

So we are all home at 1pm and after I make 3 beds, we are ALL having Nana Naps.


Every time I think we are at rock bottom, the floor gives way and there is a whole new level of hell beneath.
I like to think of myself as an optimist, but after 5 years of varying levels of hell, I am becoming a glass-half-empty type.  Maybe if I expect the worst each day, I’ll be OK with just the regular amount of crap I have to deal with.

I miss you.  You’d know what to do to fix everything.

I love you