87 days…

and a long day at that.

But I am feeling positive with a plan for at least the next few weeks at school.  Today was spent in meetings with the literacy coach who had some brilliant ideas and plans and who calls a spade a spade.  This lady knows what she is doing and doesn’t take crap from teachers who pull the “I don’t need to learn anything new” line … in the nicest possible way.  It was interesting to see the older, more set-in-their-ways teachers be uncomfortable and unwilling to accept that, like it or not, funding follows results and they need to show some positive change in their classrooms.  Luckily, the mere fact that the kids a will be 6 months older when they sit the next test that links directly to funding will almost ensure a higher result.  I got brownie points for pointing out that the kids were in fact sitting on the average for the year below their current grade, but given that the test was done in the first few weeks of school, you’d expect that.  Hopefully by the end of the year, the kids will be sitting on the average for their current grade, thus justifying the money spent on emplying me!

I saw the psychologist this afternoon too – it’s just refreshing to talk to someone who doesnt’ try and placate or dismiss my feelings, but acknowledges them and gives me tools for handling them.

Then on to Mum and Dad’s for dinner before the final night of the behaviour management course I’m doing at school.  It’s been a useful course and I am getting a lot out of it.  It’s also nice to catch up with C from GG as she has been coming to the course.

Which brings me to the memory of the day (or at the rate I’m going, it is more truthfully the memory of the week)…..

One of the parents at the course was talking about listening to Greenbottle on the radio (she’s an older parent).  I was the only person in the room who knew what she meant and she was stoked that we had some episodes on CD.

You used to listen to it in the dairy when you were a kid, as your mother did when she was a girl (apparently it was so funny, it was often repeated on radio).

The kids and I remember the last few trips to the farm where you’d play episodes of Greenbottle to us all on the way there.  I think you also played a few episodes for us on the way over to K & S’s at Christmas time.

Personally, I just loved the fact that  you got a kick out of such ridiculous humour.  You and I were so well suited on funny.  We got stuff that nobody else did and I really miss that…

I miss you so much.

I love you even more