88 days….

I was feeling a bit lighter today.
I took Mum out for the day and we had lunch.  Not a big thing in the wider scheme of the world, but refreshing to the soul nonetheless.

I’m still a bit slow with this &^*(ing cold…. but I managed 20 minuets on the treadmill at a moderate pace without coughing up a lung.

I did have a good cry this afternoon when Seachange came on (yes – you hated that show but you know it rates as my all time favourite TV series).  … it was because two old fogies were recommiting to their marriage and recited the poem  “As long as your eyes are blue” by Banjo Patterson….

Will you love me, sweet, when my hair is grey
And my cheeks shall have lost their hue?
When the charms of youth shall have passed away
Will your love as of old prove true?

“For the looks may change, and the heart may range
And the love be no longer fond;
Will you love with truth in the years of youth
And away to the years beyond?”

Oh, I love you, sweet, for your locks of brown
And the blush on your cheek that lies —
But I love you most for the kindly heart
That I see in your sweet blue eyes.

For the eyes are the signs of the soul within,
Of the heart that is leal and true,
And, my own sweetheart, I shall love you still,
Just as long as your eyes are blue.

For the locks may bleach, and the cheeks of peach
May be reft of their golden hue;
But, my own sweetheart, I shall love you still,
Just as long as your eyes are blue.


I’m trying to convince myself that you are around me and that I’m not making up all the little signs I see.  Being a scientist as I am, this is no easy task ….. but then also as a scientist, I know not to discount new possibilities as so much “proof” is reliant on experimental design and measurement devices.

Some things are just not quantifiable.   … like the depth of a mother’s love …. or a widow’s grief.

I will always love you, old blue eyes