92 days…

The first of winter…. and I notice just how cold our bed is.

I was having an OK day….
School was fine.  The guidance counsellor caught up with me after the marathon session she spent with H last week … the one where he told me that he “had to do *all* the work while Mrs C just sat there and didn’t do ANYTHING Mum!”.  The upshot is that she thinks he’s a funny, lovely kid who’s brighter than your average Preppie.  Pretty much what we already knew.  She said how much like K he is (and she’s already commented on how lovely and intelligent K is).  I’m hoping this means that she hasn’t picked any labels to lump on him … but she does seem like a sane woman so hopefully the report will be all good.

Then onto the psychologist this afternoon where I think they were OK considering I have a terrible habit of always being 15 minutes early for Drs appointments and it’s a universal fact that Drs cannot usually run to time due to the nature of their work.  K was a bit moody if anything, but H was OK …. the usual need to check out every feature of a room once inside, but that’s your basic Prep child.

Came home, bathed kids, did laundry, made dinner, sat down here at the computer and


My day was no longer OK

….. a woman I barely know from playgroup sends me a chain e-mail warning on the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving *including* about five photos of a triple-fatal crash.
For starters, who the hell has the insensitivity to send *anyone* that sort of crap, leave alone someone grieving over her spouse’s death from a car accident (where ALL road rules were being followed  – no speeding, no dangerous manoeuvers etc).  Leave alone the fact that I barely answer my mobile phone as it is as the thing pisses me off so much, so the thought of driving and using it is just not something I ever do anyway.  The woman is a fuckwit who’s so useless and wrapped up in her own little world, I can safely say that the fact that the images might disturb anyone wouldn’t have entered her head.  So I e-mailed her back and said “thanks but no thanks – I find this stuff really hard to deal with so lose my e-mail address you idiot”.  OK – I didn’t say that last part, but I probably should have.

Oh – and I just remembered – to add insult to injury, I got breath-tested on the way home from the psychologists just as I’d (legally) overtaken the slowest truck in Eastern Australia.  I could measure the amount of alcohol I’ve had in the last 92 days in millilitres!

So …. Yep – got it, I’ll be sure to not use the PITA mobile while driving, nor will I get tanked and get behind the wheel.   Thanks for telling me something I already know Universe!


I keep thinking I’ll see you pottering around in the backyard if I just look out the bedroom window long enough.  It makes me sad to be out there as so many memories are of you building / fixing/ making /playing /planting something out there.  You were never idle – ALWAYS busy doing something.  I miss the sounds of you tinkering …  even you hammering something together at 10 pm!

You were amazing and I was so lucky to have you.

I miss you.

I love you.