93 days….

I’m definitely better for being able to work at the kid’s school.  Ironic that this school is where I have always wanted to work and it’s taken such a tragedy for it to happen.
The kids are beautiful and the staff are so caring and friendly.  I’m blown away every day by the women who work there – so kind, so intelligent, so thoughtful, so helpful.

I also had a win with my other red group today…. one of the boys went back to class and immediately told his teacher how much he enjoyed the lesson I took him for today.  Win!


Just on 6 pm there was a knock at the door – a man I’d never met introduced himself as Peter – the neighbour from a few doors down.  You often talked to his son apparently.  He had the old car you loved!  Anyway…. he had just found out about the accident and had come to offer his condolences and to offer help – adding that he was a mechanic.  So that’s good to know!  He worked out that he hadn’t heard your car lately, nor heard the kids chorus of a morning as they used to say their morning goodbyes as you drove off to work.  Then he remembered who you worked for and put two and two together.  He and his wife were very sad.  He was quite keen to know about the old tractors at the farm, although I think he is under the impression that they are lance bulldogs and I thought they were field marshals….  at any rate, he wanted to make sure I didn’t give them away as they were worth some money….


N just called.  They are back from OS and seem to have had agood time.  Despite the goings on in the past few years, I think she genuinely does worry about us.


We were given an AC/DC CD at the start of this week.  Or rather Mr H was given it. He has insisted I play it Very Loudly in the car on the way to and from school (surprisingly, there are few swear words).  It really put a smile on his dial when I told him that you would have approved of him liking that band.  I can see you bopping along to it with us ….
You were really quite musical given that your family all like to think they are musical…  but really aren’t.  I think you had the best singing voice (and T agrees and she should know).

In other news, the John Butler Trio may just be saving me from insanity.  ‘Ocean’ is a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned….  a great mataphor for life really.

Miss you

Love you