98 days…..

Today has been a day of ups and downs – how unusual.

Being at school really does help me.  I feel like I’m in control and am doing some good.
Thankfully, so does the Principal who drew me aside today to let me know that he’s received numerous good reports on my work.  Hopefully this will translate into a more permanent job in the future.  I love this school and the staff and students are like extended family.

Then at lunchtime,. the head of curriculum (the person who’s really been behind finding me work) booked me for an extra afternoon this week.  All good, although it means I’ll be buggered by the end of the week.  The next three weeks are almost full-time, which would be fine it I was able to work with more than half my brain….

Anyway, the sob-til-you-choke / uplifting news of the day is that now I really do believe you can hear me.  You know why.  I feel sad that you get to watch me fall apart, but am glad that you are with me.  Please help me to get stronger and do the things I need to do to get the family to where it needs to be.  (I think J is an angel in disguise 🙂

I miss you so much and love you even more.