99 days….

I didn’t get much sleep last night and wasn’t feeling too flash this morning.  So I decided that we would all finish at lunchtime today and come home so the kids could do their paintings for the art festival ( I had no idea the entries are due this Friday) and have a rest.  We were supposed to be catching up with R and kids this afternoon but I feel too shattered to do it (if you are “talking” to Mark up there, tell him his wife is gorgeous!)

As it was J / BFF delivered dinner and her girls played here for a while which was nice….

School photos are tomorrow which requires full dress uniform.  Which would be fine if we didn’t need it for the choir recital the following night.  I think they are under the impression that the kids all have multiple dress uniforms (at $40 a pop) over the cheaper and more practical sports uniform.  Lets just hope there’s no painting at school tomorrow afternoon so she can wear the dress again Thursday night.

I know I have to work on getting stronger and asking for help. and believe me when I say I would ask if I knew the question….  I think I’ve not done too badly though.  When the kid’s school asked if they could do anything, I asked for a job there and got one.  That worked quite well!  Like I told them, they weren’t exactly getting an idiot either (cough, PhD, cough top of my year in teaching degree, cough).

But what else to ask for?  I just don’t know.  Although I did ask a friend to ask her sister who’s in the media exactly how and who I should ask to stop using the footage of your accident on stories about speeding.  Channel 7 have been complete arsebiscuits yet again and apparently showed the footage on a story on speeding AGAIN last week.  I dont’ quite know how to strongly word an e-mail pointing out that J  *wasn’t* speeding, nor was the vehicle being driven in any illegal manner.


In other news, two Australian soldiers were killed today.  Their base is in Brisbane.  I really feel for their families.


I love you so much.