101 days….

Busy day at work  today and another one tomorrow.

The kids are currently at Mum’s while I find their dress uniforms for the choir concert tonight…. the one where they’ve chosen not to put the junior (5-6 yo) choir on until 8pm.  Good luck with making sure the little  kids are still awake is all I can say!


I saw the psychologist again today – lots more strategies for helping me feel OK about where we are at: Shitsville.  Mind you, I can some light coming from around the u-bend….. but it will probably be someone who has the sun shining out of their arse just sitting there shitting on us yet again.

Mind you, its been really good having someone I can honestly tell it like it is (well – nearly honestly).  She does have some good ideas for how to regulate emotional balance and get a little calmer when needed.


……… and we’re back from the concert – the principal was smart enough to ask parents of the little kids to take them home straight after their performance.
In short – they were brilliant.
The music teacher at the school has a knack of getting top performances out of little people.  The Intermediate choir were lovely and the little 5-6 yo Junior choir were downright hilarious.  As I drove home, I thought to myself that you would have liked it and that I really wished you were there.
Straight away in my head I heard your voice say “I was there”.
I believe it.

I love you so much.