104 days…

What is it with people who have a morbid fascination to Know The Details?
Do they think they might just have a cure for  “multiple injuries”?
Do they think that by offering me their half-baked ideas on What Went Wrong, I can find comfort?
I feel like saying – “s’right thanks, the police investigators are working all that stuff out – you know, the people who actually have a clue about these things”.

I’m getting really tired from hearing the speeding comment. So many people feel the need to say it and  I could happily punch them all.
I feel like grouping these idiots together and giving them a science lesson on speed, velocity, momentum, and the fucking truck was coming the other way, you complete knob-head, so the apparent speed was doubled.

That being said, I’m more than happy to share the details with my real friends (and I’ve fast discovered who they really are) as they don’t try to offer solutions or make it right or sell me fluffy bunnies and butterflies with promises that it will be ‘alright’.

I won’t be ‘alright’.
This wound runs deep baby.

Aunty S & Uncle K took the kids for a picnic at the koala park today.  They seemed to enjoy themselves.
I took the opportunity to go to Bunnings – so hard walking in there without you.  …and I forgot that Sundays are typically “happy family” days.  meh.

I looked at letter boxes and got confused.  I’m just going to ask Andrew to tell me what would work and go from there.


I heard a Missy Higgins song on the way home and balled my eyes out.  We certainly are the special two…

I miss you so much.

I love you beyond words.