106 days….

H’s seal-like barking cough from yesterday returned with a vengeance this morning, accompanied by K’s black-ringed eyes looking at me and whispering that she didn’t feel well.

So it was a sick day here today.  Lucky I get paid for them these days….

I got a bit of stuff done though – I cleaned out the debacle that is the pot plant wall of death at the back door. The chooks had made a right mess of them and had scratched the contents of several pots onto the concrete.  Little buggers.  I transferred the “good” plants to the verandah and dumped the succulents I hate so much.
AND – contrary to your firmly held opinion, MY plants at the front door are positively thriving.  Might just have something to do with me watering them every day when I go out to admire the sunset from our grand-stand (verandah).

Mum and Dad came over this morning to check on us all … Dad brought a stethoscope so I could check the kid’s lungs for signs of wheezing and rattling (thankfully, the steam vapouriser has helped them cough up most of the goop in their chests).

I also bought a new light fitting to replace the one I broke in the kitchen (went out while M&D were here). This one has *metal* fittings so hopefully they won’t get brittle and snap like the plastic ones.  Jacob will come and install it on the weekend.

AND I got quite a bit of school work done.  The year 3s are sorted until the end of term and the Year 5s should be OK as well.

Andrew called just as I was getting kids out of the bath and finding them food they’d actually eat for dinner – so tinned pears and custard it was! (Actually, not a bad meal for a kid who’s not feeling the best).
He’d priced the thingumies that I *have* to get rid of and if your brother doesn’t hurry up and give me the info I need on the, I’m just going to sell them to Andrew’s friend.
Of all your friends, he seriously is the only one who seems to know how to do this comforting a bereaved person stuff (as far as the blokes go, anyway).  Maybe it’s because he remembers what happened when his Dad died, or maybe he’s just a caring individual, but he is really looking after us.  And he makes me laugh.


I just got my daily e-mail from J.  She seriously is saving my sanity.  I blogged about her e-mails last night over at my other blog (the one you never knew I had).
Tonight, she’s all about the fact that A (her 1 yo) is “heir to the monarchy of flatus”…. apparently gas is a big factor in their family – something to do with all the food intolerances they have.  Good thing I can’t resist a fart joke 😉


…and so I’m feeling kinda upbeat right now with all these people caring for us.
That’s not so say that I haven’t howled several times today (dear God, but that plane crash on a street near a school made me sob … and marvel yet again that the media invaded the deceased’s privacy so blatantly).  I’m just so sorry for their families – the pilot’s last conversation was played on the news for all to hear.
And then that bloody bitch of a woman from a nearby local council was on the tv, defending herself regarding the power of attorney she held over an elderly gentleman  … who somehow managed to fund her wedding to the tune of $150000 … and I’m sitting there wondering why you and J were taken, the pilot and nurse were taken and that bloody heartless bitch gets away with stealing so much from an old guy, yet retains her $98000 per year council job.  I’m not seeing the natural justice in this world at all today.
This widowhood stuff is hard, and the only reason I cope is because I have to.  There really is no other choice.

I miss you so very much.  I long to feel your arms around me.

I love you all the way to God.