107 days…

I talked about you today.  Just memories of things you did / what you were like (ie your hoarding gene).  In a conversation with another woman I work with.  and I didn’t cry.  That in itself is huge.

It was the 4-7 sports carnival so went down for the time I usually spend with the 5s and quickly found myself an easy job … with this lady I work with who is C from GG’s bestie.  She is just like C – awesome.

H was still sick today so he spent the morning with Mum.  K wasn’t 100% and so I brought her home with me at lunch time.

Memory of the day…..

We dropped by the chemist warehouse for some more kiddy ibuprofen  …and were alarmed to discover that the fish and chip shop / fruit and veg shop we used to love has closed down (you know –  the one that was split down the middle like a proper market) .  I remember the last time we bought F&C there.  I picked up the dinner while you bought some mangoes that had just arrived from Bowen – they reminded us so much of *proper* mangoes we used to eat by the case when we lived in FNQ.  I can remember it like it was yesterday – you were rapt in the mangoes and I was happy to see one of my old students working behind the F&C counter.  We chatted to the fruit and veg boke outside for a while and then took the dinner over to Mum and Dad’s.  We were so happy and so relaxed.  It was 5 days before Christmas 2009.

I can see you now with the mango juice running into your big red beard, relishing every bite.

That was how you lived life – relishing every bite…

I miss you so much.

I love you even more.