112 days….

An OK day today.

The kids still have lingering sickness – lots of snuffles and coughs.

H won “the prize” in prep today – he was very proud of himself for showing good behaviour choices all day long.  K saw the little boy who bought her picture today – he came and told her that he liked it so much he had to have it and hoped it was OK with her – talk about a cute kiddo!

School for me was good – I really do like being there. Having said that, holidays can’t come soon enough.  I check my last payslip today though – they’ve neglected to pay me for a half day I did two weeks ago.  I’m going to let this one slide as I want more work and think it was a genuine oversight.  But I’ll remember it in case it happens again.

The more teachers I talk to there, the more it seems that they all want me to stay on.  Let’s hope that SOMETHING good happens this year then and I get more permanent work there.  As it is, Jan has organised that I’ll be paid for the upcoming holidays and I’m fairly sure that I have work all next term.  Lets hope so.

My memory of the day is how we’d “cheat” the system at one of the tourist attractions in FNQ where we used to live.  They had a little check-list / quiz thing that patrons were to fill in as they toured the  place – if you got 10 out of 10, you got a prize.  EVERY visitor we ever had come visit us got the prize when they went through the display 😉

Love you so much.  I cry whenever it hits me that we won’t get to grow old together.  That is so unfair.

Love you