115 days….

A massive day here today – in more ways than one.

It was Under 8s day at school.  I love Under 8s day.  The fact that I also go to WORK on Under 8s day was awesome.  I had the Yr 3 boys and I luff them all.  Toughest crowd in the whole school (all boy class and with about 25% with special needs)  and I rocked it today…..  (crossing my fingers as I type – which is quite difficult –  and hoping that I haven’t now jinxed it for tomorrow).

Mum took K & H around the activities and by all accounts, they had an awesome day.


It may have escaped your notice in Heaven and all, but the other thing that happened today was that we no longer have Kevin Rudd as PM.  I am gutted for him  – I loved Kevin.  He did more for ME as PM than all the others put together.  He was a rare breed – a politician with a soul.  I’ll miss him.


It will be an early night here tonight – for me anyway.  The kids went home with Mum at lunch time and slept all afternoon so no doubt they’ll still be up and giggling at 10pm.

You were a shocker at letting them stay up late.  I guess the up side is that we’ve never had trouble with “bedtime” routines – you’d curl up on the couch, with one of them on each side of you and you’d all fall asleep.  I’d often finish study for the night at ~9pm and gently wake you and you’d carry them off to bed.

You were such a beautiful Daddy.

I love you so much.