120 days…

It’s been quite cold here today.  I have been forced to defy your rules of minimal use of electrical devices and used the dryer to dry the clothes that had been hanging outside for 7 hours and were till wet.  But in my defence, we don’t have a heater and at least the dryer heated up the house.

We had a very quiet day at home.  It’s been much needed.  There were more sad moments of course, but I think we need to BE here for them rather than dodging them by filling our days with activities. Friends kindly want to protect us, to save us from being alone these holidays, but really, dodging the sadness will only result in it hitting us later.


I’m always sad at sunset … the Ode of Remembrance line  “at the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them”rings in my ears and I remember you.  I think of you as being just over the horizon.  Just past the sunset.  One day I will meet you there.

I love you so much.