128 days….

Well they are gone.

It was good to see them, but I wasn’t sorry ot see them gone at the end of the day.

G&T overstep the child behaviour management mark with K&H. Well actually mostly just T. I got a little tired of hearing “plenty of kids have had to grow up with worse so they should just get over it”. I wanted to smack her. I should have said “if GC dies and you and your kids are left dealing with the grief, feel free to tell me how it is. Even then I won’t listen because it’s not something they will EVER get over. It’s a case of learning to live with it”.

It probably would help if they could see that their own kids aren’t the angels they imagine … or even that different things are important to different parents.

BUT – I got the death certs and got money from your account.  AND GC worked like a trooper and did lots of the jobs that I just can’t do – like service the car and he even took  that huge pile of old tree branches to the dump (wow – I now know where the dump is).  GC has been OK really.


It’s freezing cold here tonight.  My nose feels like it is growing an icicle.  Mind you, it’s still about 16 degrees in the house so not actually freezing – it just feels like it.

I miss you now more than ever.  It just seems so wrong that you aren’t here.

How am I supposed to do this without you?  I just can’t see how I can get past this living through days, filling them and ticking them off.  Marking the time.  Not living.

I love you so much