131 days….

Some days I feel so alone and others I feel so sure that you are around.  Today I felt your presence everywhere.  I love it.

I tried to get a bit more done today, but going through your clothes is an excercise in torture. I don’t want to throw anything out and yet I can’t keep it all… not that you had that many clothes … but still!

I got some gardening done but am still coughing up a lung.

Memory of the day….

Our first anniversary spent at Port Douglas.  Maybe I’ve written about it here before, but I was looking through some of the old photos yesterday and remembered what fun we had.  Visiting the croc farm, swimming in Mossman Gorge and walking around the area… and the fact that you ended up with a raging migraine that first night but still wanted to be doing everything we’d planned.  I remember the sunbirds nesting right outside the restaurant attached to our motel.  We were fascinated by them and pretty much all you could manage that first night was sitting in the beer garden, watching the sunbirds coming and going.  I think you were fine the next day.  We never found out where those migraines came from but at least we discovered a painkiller you could take that would usually stay in your gut long enough to actually give you some relief – Nurofen migraine relief.

I love you more today than I did then.

Now I know that I’ll love you forever.