134 days….

This week, I feel your presence around me almost everywhere.  EVERY time I look at a clock it’s 11 past the hour  that’s got to be something freaky happening.

Yesterday, I saw a rainbow in a most unusual place, said a quiet prayer that I’d have work all term and voila!

I like it.  Keep it coming.

One thing is getting to me this week though – the number of narrow-minded people who can only accept that Their Way is the Right Way and nobody else has a clue.  meh.  There’s more than one way to skin a cat (or so I’m told).

Having said that, you were a champion at having he One Right Way of doing things, which is a common trait to all in your family.  I think I almost had you expanding your way of thinking though…. except on matters of cooking.  At least you weren’t as bad as my Nana who still thinks I’m one of the oddest people alive because I *still* don’t like to drink tea.  I’m a coffee girl through and through.


I’m a bit over the vocal exponents of politics around here. I guess there’s got  to be an election coming up soon and people are getting in early with their opinions in the mistaken belief that I’ll pay any attention to them. (Specifically T: I can decide who’ll I’ll vote for thanks! … Remember the time she tried to talk us into voting for Pauline?  Smile and nod … and back away slowly).  It never ceases to amaze me that T doesn’t give me enough credit to choose who I’ll vote for.  Maybe I’ll tell her that I’m voting for something so far to the left it’s off the scale.  She won’t get the irony that’s an equal step to the left as her choice will be to the right.  meh.  How I vote is my business and it annoys me how many people think they should have a say in how *I* vote.

I like that party politics was not something we  ever gave much time to. We considered our votes to be our own business and yet we always shared the same “policy” so to speak: we held the same moral and ethical line and seemed to naturally agree on most things without ever pulling out a  political party card.  I think the only difference of opinion we ever had is that you wanted to keep the Queen as our head of state … and frankly, I think she’s probably a very nice old lady who’s got nothing much to do with me …

It seems we always knew what the other person was thinking.  I  really miss that.  Nobody else “gets” me like you do.

I love you, Buddy Roo.