136 days….

OMG there are days I sooo wish you were here so I could mock the idiots I have to deal with!
Like the Mum of little T in Harry’s class. OMG woman, T is 6 now, cut that umbilical cord already!  Seriously.  She is dumb as dogshit, but always is complaining about things at school … but with a smile on her face.  Then she tries to ask me how she too can get a job here because she has “certificate 3” or some shit.  Like HELL I want to work with her. She is stupid right down to the bone.  AND boring.  I got stuck with her on the excursion bus … an hour of listening to the finer details of T’s bedtime ritual and appointment with the optometrist was RIVETING I tell you. This afternoon she started on one of her rants about sports day and WHY would we have it in the middle of winter (she complained about the cross-country being held  in early autumn). I had to walk away. I try to be nice but I just want to scream: “get a grip woman!  there are more important things in life.  and by the way, your husband is probably the Only Other Person interested in THAT level of detail about your kids”.

There. That feels better.  I knew you’d get me ;)|Thankfullly, Deb (N’s Mum) also gets me.  I ran into her when we were picking up the girls and she just said “I cam close to telling T’s Mum to just shutup … that woman really annoys me”.  I love Deb.


The quote for the fence is not yet in but I’m told it should be “under $5000”  Holy crap batman.  That’s mates rates too.  But still, I think the fence will make us feel a bit safer.  Well the fence and the dog I’m planning on getting for the kids for Christmas.  A fence will also mean that I will only have to clean the crap up from a small dog that we will soon own as opposed to the great hulking feral beast that does its daily deposit on the front lawn.  Fair dinkum but that dog has a REAL problem.  That shit is just wrong.


Memory if the day …. how we decided on K’s name.  That was the one single name we could agree on.  You chose her middle name, and I thought it was nice enough although I would have prefered “Miranda” as the middle name.  If she was a boy, she would have been called Lachlan. … but it never seemed quite right when K was obviously the first choice for both of us.  But then if she was a boy, I would have fallen off the delivery table.  You never wanted to find out the sex of the children but I instinctively knew what each of them was.

With H, we’d moved on from “Lachlan” as the prefered boys name and I was plumbing for “Angus”.  You wouldn’t agree to that one and it took us a long time to decide on H… my choice but one you liked.  You wanted your Dad’s name as his middle name so I insisted that he get a second middle name with my Dad’s name.  If he’d been a girl he would have been called “Laura”.  I really wanted “Elizabeth” … but as it turns out, one of K’s good friends is called Elizabeth.

…and so the names we chose for our kids perfectly fit them. They are beautiful children, but you already know that.

They had a beautiful Daddy.

They love you.  They miss you.  So do I.