137 days…

The kids had the P-3 sports carnival today … lots of 50 m races and rotations of high jump, long jump etc.  Both kids ran third in their respective races.  I’m just glad they had fun.

I spent the day in at the financial planner – good in lots of ways and the fellow who is organising everything seems to be very good.He was very clear about what we could do, outlined all the options and his reasons for wanting to go a certain way, and very transparent with his fees.  He has degrees in taxation and law in addition to being a top financial planner with a reputable company.  Uncle K recommended him and he is just what I need.

I hate that I need him though – I preferred being poor and happy. I’d pay back every cent of work cover to have you back.  The up side is that we’ll definitely be OK.  The kids can even go to private school for high school.

and Thank Goodness the kids will be able to go to private school   – I was reminded on what utter joys teenage boys can be whilst I travelled hom on the train today. Rude little bastards  were completely feral, misogynistic freaks of nature.   Freaks of nature with Total Pants Failure.  I wrote this about them on my facebook:

Dear teenage boys on the train: belts are meant to hold up your pants rather than to provide your posterior with a supportive sling. The term “to put your arse in a sling” is not meant to be taken literally. That is all.

Mind you, there was also quite a lovely  teenage boy on the train too – he’d obviously taken his grandmother into an appointment and was being very patient with her.  Lovely kid.


When I came home, I tried calling the police lady again to find out where your accident report was up to.  It seems it’s still sitting in the coroner’s in tray.   We need this for the solicitor to decide if  further action is required.  We need the solicitor to decide if further action is required so that the financial planner knows whether he can begin investing the work cover payout. We need to invest the work cover payout so we can have a decent living allowance … is this starting to sound like the nursery rhyme about the old woman who swallowed the fly???  Too many things to keep track of. meh.


Memory of the day…. is really K’s .  To this day, her favourite book is still the BFG by Roald Dahl.   You read it to her a year ago and she loved both the book and the fact that she had you all to herself for bedtime reading every night for a fortnight.   No Mummies allowed.  Just K and her Daddy reading together.

You were such a beautiful Daddy.

such a beautiful husband.

I love you.