141 days…

On a night where I just want to make beans on toast and have everyone go to bed early, why is it that your niece has to come over to “help”.  Oh I  know I’m being a sour puss and I should appreciate it, but she just doesn’t get that it’s a school night For The Kids who need to be in bed early if we are to get to choir practice by 7:45 tomorrow morning.

“Don’t worry – I’ll make tea – I can’t get there until 7 pm so see you then”.  This is when I should just say that actually coming on a weekend might be a better idea, or dropping off dinner might be nice or some other thing that means that me and my headache can crawl into bed shortly after sleepy-bo-bos for K&H at 7:30 pm.

Good grief I’m Oscar the Grouch today (BTW – do find it weird that I teach two *2* Oscars?  I know I do).

Kids are screaming in the bath and won’t last until 7pm so I may just give them beans on toast NOW so they can go to bed on time anyway.


I just don’t do this “letting people help me” shit very well.

BUT you’ll be somewhat proud – I asked your old friends to come up with a solution as to how best to keep your car for H.  That’s the kind of help I need.  I’m capable of cooking and washing and all my normal jobs but this extra shit is hard.  THAT’s what I need help with.

OK – we’ll see what tonight brings.

Life is just …. meh.