144 days…

Today started well – I got a special message which confirmed for me, yet again that you can hear me. You know how to cheer me up is all I can say.  Hearing from the right person on the right day really lifted my spirits.  Again I feel that you are near me and can hear me.  How else would these ‘co-incidences’ keep happening?  I found out about the 11s and I love it 🙂 “The 11 configuration apparently happens when you lose a partner who you shared not only a physical and love bond with- but also a unique, developmental and strong soul bond as well!”

I knew it.  All those 11’s had to mean something.


Mum and I planned a day of shopping.  I dropped the kids at school and for once, H’s Friday teacher was on time.  I was looking forward to a quick getaway when I dropped K up to Year 2 … to find the door shut and no sign of Mrs S.  So I waited with the class of kids for 10 minutes – they are a lovely group so no real drama – aside from the fact that I wanted to start my anticipated day of shopping.  When Mrs S got there (she’d had an emergency – not normally her style to leave a bunch of kids unattended) she showed me one of K’s drawings.  An astoundingly good portrait of my Mum.  It’s a surprise for grandparents day.  K has an eye for detail!

Once at the shops, I had a ball.  It was a day where I found every single thing on my list easily AND on special.  K and H’s birthday presents are sorted.  I have new jeans (yay).  I found the exact wool I need for a scarf  I want to make. New drawers for K’s cupboard to better organise her school uniforms. …and a little surprise in finding those measuring cups I’ve coveted for so long.

There was a toy sale on (hence me getting the kid’s birthday pressies sorted) but none of the elbowing and pushing I usually associate with sales and mothers wielding prams like battering rams.

AND I have a shiny new haircut which had me feeling a bit swanky.  Kinda novel since I’ve been feeling crone-like lately.

A great day for me really.  All it took was for me to be open to knowing that you are near.  That changed my outlook on everything.  life doesn’t seem so pointless today.  Yes I will have to live for another 50 years by myself, but if I can remember that you are never far away, that helps.  That helps a lot.

I love you.