148 days….

Another day.

The kids saw the psychologist again today – she’s noticed the difference in them too I think.  They are both much calmer, even though the sadness is still there.

K is reading so well now.  I have been slack on the homework front lately.  She’s done it but I’ve only been half concentrating as I did other jobs.  But now we are in full reading mode.  She is awesome.  She did amazingly well on her last report card – bright as a button. She’s reading better than most of the year 3s I teach.  She’s reading herself the Big Book of Tashi each evening before she goes to sleep. Words I have to decode for Year 5s are not so difficult for her. So proud of her.

H is a little winner too.  Yesterday, he did the most wonderful drawing of himself and his new rocket *to scale*. He measured himself against his rocket and had the proportions exactly the same in his drawing.  It makes a nice change for him. He has to be in the mood to draw, but when he does – AWESOME.

Our kids are fabulous. I will do the best I can to raise them to their full potential.

I love you so much.