154 days…

Well, a whirlwind visit by GC and his littlest one … and a number of things got done.

Firstly, he has removed a great deal of JUNK (not useful) from under the house and put it out for Council Collection.  Hurrah. Finally some of your hoarded shite is going to where it should be.

But in true style, he drove around and collected stuff from other people’s piles of junk.  I must admit I did too.  ….You would love the set of gates I got for the side yard.  And a silky oak carver chair for Dad.  GC got so much stuff that the trailer was loaded up as bit as a horse float on the way home.

GC actually arrived with some stuff he’d got from a swap meet on the way down… including a home-made surf ski.  So at 5 pm in the middle of winter at the lowest point of the tide, three kids and two adults walked over 100 m of mud so that the kids could have a ride on the surf ski.  It was actually quite warm on Saturday and the kids had a ball.  I stood in the ankle-deep water and thought that finally, this was a similarity between GC and you.  It was just the kind of things you would have done.

Sunday morning, GC and I had a chat about the farm.  The upshot is that we can work towards a 5-year plan where he and C buy me out.  He’s all for that.  Some “issues” over the owed money and he’s still holding out his opinion that his lack of work income to look after the place is worth $$$.  I just looked at him with the look of – “yeah, but Greg is dead.  Try and tell me I should give you more money”.  I think he’ll ask C for the installment payments instead.


I found some other photos of you today.  Some from Christmas just gone.  Dear God but it feels like you just stepped out of the room.  I can’t stand this waiting for you to come back…. because that’s what it feels like I’m doing.

I miss you every minute of every day.

I love you more with every beat of my heart.