157 days…

Today just marched on.  I love being at school.  I just “get” kids.  It helps that they like me.  Especially my “challenging” boys.

So sad that you aren’t here so I can bore you to tears with even more snippets of my day and why I love teaching so much.

I’m off to Mr Financial Planner again tomorrow, then Ekka-ing on Saturday, then birthday partying on Sunday and J will come over and see the kids in Sunday afternoon.

Love all the activity, but I miss boring weekends at home when we all just pottered about together.  I miss seeing you wandering the yard, tools in hand, making / fixing / inventing something.

Anyway – an early night for me.  I am getting yet another cold (after having the last one for a month, and only just over it in the past week …I’m not happy).  I think I’ve heard it said that fresh widows catch every virus going.  So not wanting that one to be true too.

Love you gorgeous, most bestest bloke in the world.